Femi Shodunke

Why Lagosians should vote wisely, by Femi Shoduke




*Hello Lagosians,* let me passionately address you at this great moment, especially those among you who are absolutely qualified to VOTE in the coming governorship election.
“Please borrow me your brain,” as we often say in naija (Nigeria).
In fact, I’m writing you at this auspicious moment because I strongly believe that you are reasonable and patriotic Nigerians (Lagosians) and, most significantly, *LOVERS* of Lagos. Isn’t it? You say “yes”? Alright, that’s amazing. So, let me continue my talk _jare_ .
Sincerely, I don’t care if you’re Ibo, Hausa, Efik, Igala, Yoruba, Urhobo, Nupe, Fulani or Ikwere, or indeed Anambrarian (Peter Obi’s fellow Easterners) or Atiku-late supporters living in the Centre of Excellence (Lagos). Or you’re “imported” for the purpose of this governorship election to vote against the sitting administration.
The question is why will you not *VOTE* for, and of course re-elect, *GOVERNOR BABAJIDE SANWO-OLU* ? I don’t live in Lagos right now. But, I’ve lived there for many years. But you, from your ancestral roots, indeed migrated to live in Lagos too, besides “awon omo ibile Eko”.
And you’re the beneficiaries of the benefits – even if “little” provided by the government – in this city over the years. If not, you would have left. But instead you stayed and claiming that Lagos belongs to you because “it’s no man’s land”. Agreed.
However, mark you I’m familiar with Lagos as my second home, like you, where I lived before traveling abroad.
At this juncture, let me tell you this: I’m not a politician. I don’t carry membership card of any political party, either Obi’s Labour Party, Atiku’s People’s Democratic Party, or Tinubu’s All Progressive Congress – the three major parties.
However, remember that the President-elect (and next President of Nigeria until the court decides otherwise) is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT). His campaign was based, mainly, on how he turned around Lagos State for good during his 8-yrs tenure and subsequent administrations after him.
Therefore, don’t you think Lagos State will benefit more under the Presidency of BAT? Although, Tinubu isn’t a saint and I don’t totally accept some of his actions, but at this unmistakably serious moment the best interest of Lagos must be considered. To re-elect Jide (I’m not even close to him, so I’m not his campaign manager) is the most reasonable thing to do considering the rare vantage position that the the Federal Government of BAT and Lagos Government of Governor Sanwo-Olu are both APC administrations. Particularly worthy of consideration, as a matter-of-factly, is that BAT is from Lagos State, and he’s been demanding certain status (accompanied with financial gains) for the state from the FG over the years.
With him in power, won’t that be easy to do? At the end, Lagos will develop more to your admiration and benefits. Can there be cooperation, judging from past experiences, between two opposing governments under different political parties?
Remember what Obasanjo’s PDP government did to Tinubu’s AD Lagos government, particularly over the creation of LGs, now LCDA? Do you want Lagos to suffer the same fate by electing a PDP or LP candidate just because of unnecessary bickerings or angers that we can overlook and ask God to judge?
Will you throw away this “one-chance-of-a-life” opportunity to develop Lagos State just because you hate Tinubu or APC (the party which I personally detest because of PMB rulership)?
For me, I’ll “use my brain” and reelect Gomina Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu in the interest of humongous development of Lagos State, and *YOUR* (I mean YOU) benefits, and others too. Don’t let Lagos carry last o. *Jide lodu l’Eko Akete! Baawa!* I want to believe Jide will do more to develop Lagos State with cooperation from FG of BAT.
Anyway, “I don talk my own o”. If you like abuse me or accuse me of being paid to write this. It’s up to you to exercise your freedom of speech and expression, just like I just did harmlessly with this urgent message to you. At least, it’s my right, and my choice to “talk my own now.”
Hey, you my friend, if you know any Lagosian you’re free to share my “bi mo se ri” (as I see it) thought with them.
Lobafinish o.

– Ba’aroyin.

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