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Vicious cycle of nutrient deficiencies in diabetics, by Tunde Fabunmi


Diabetes, type 1 & 2, is a systemic manifestation of deificiency of NUTRIENTS needed for optimal carbohydrate metabolism. In other words, diabetes is triggered by nutrient deficiencies. But worse still, diabetes and drugs for its management further deplete the inadequate nutrients in the body. Consequently, diabetes is triggered and driven by vicious cycle of nutrient deficiencies. But if your car runs out fuel, do you put water in the fuel tank? Managing diabetes with drugs/ insulin is tantamount to putting water in the tank of a car that runs out of fuel. For this systemic error, the car cannot move, but diabetics continue the journey of life, because GOD endows man with COLLOSAL LEVEL OF TOLERANCE. But when the vicious cycle of nutrient deficiencies wanes the body TOLERANCE LEVEL to ZERO, complications set in. What are the physiological implications? Let’s get science validated answers.
According to Canadian Diabetes Association, 4 in 5 diabetics die of heart disease despite diligent drug management.
Here are the statistics published by the American Diabetes Association and the Center for Disease Control.
1. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people aged 20 – 70.
2. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure.
3. Diabetes is the leading cause of limb amputations.
4. Diabetes is the leading cause of nerve damage.
5. Diabetes increases the risk of deadly heart attack or stroke by 200 – 400per cent.
6. Diabetes is the major cause of high chloesterol and sky – high blood pressure.
7. Diabetes doubles the risk of death from all causes.
8. Diabetes can substract 15-20 from life expectancy.
9. Diabetes is the major cause of cancer.
The question is – does it make sense to manage diabetes with drugs/ insulin given the published stastistics by the key arms of medical establishment?
No wonder Yoruba ancestors said “stupidity kills many while only few die from wisdom”
Take home message – the vicious cycle of nutrient deficiencies in diabetes underscores POOR DIET & LIFESTYLES as its CAUSE & FOOD MEDICINES PLUS healthy diet and lifestyles as its CURE. After all , one can only come down from a tree at the point it is climbed. Any other way is FATAL.
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