Collapsed Baltimore bridge

Update in collapsed bridge at Baltimore, US


An operation to recover the bodies of six people presumed dead after a container ship crashed into a bridge in the US city of Baltimore continues


Two victims of the collision involving the Singapore-flagged Dali, which struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge as it left port on Tuesday, have been named

Investigators have boarded the ship and recovered its data recorder – similar to a black box, officials say

The US Coast Guard says more than 1.5 million gallons of fuel oil and cargo containing hazardous materials are on the ship, but there is no danger to the public

All 22 crew members, who are all Indian nationals and were not hurt in the crash, are still on board

The bridge snapped and plunged into the Patapsco River on Tuesday, at about 01:30 ET (05:30 GMT), after the Dali container ship crashed into it

The vessel had lost power and issued a distress call moments before – but could not change course in time to avoid crashing into the bridge

President Biden has said the US government would cover the entire cost of rebuilding the bridge, but it’s not clear how long this will take.


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