Sierra Leone’s 500 year old Cotton Tree

Sierra Leone’s 500 year old Cotton Tree felled by heavy wind, By Abubakar Hashim


The most precious asset in Sierra Leone’s rich history, the cotton tree, was brought down last night, Wednesday, by heavy wind caused by climate change.


The sad episode is coming on the heels of a $1 billion approved by President Biden few days ago, to countries prone to climate calamities. Sierra Leone is the 3rd most prone disaster country in the world. Meteorologists say more disasters are expected in the next few months to August/September this year.

The 500 year old Cotton Tree cut down by heavy winds

The cotton tree is over 500 years old. It is widely known as the resting zone of freed slaves who disembarked from the Atlantic Ocean from the US and other Western Countries, as a resting place, to breath freedom.

It is located in the centre of capital Freetown, few yards from the State House and other government buildings. It will take some time for the precious and historic cotton tree to grow its gigantic branches and back to its normal form that makes Freetown a tourist delight.

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