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Presidential adviser urges Nigerian schools to address bullying incidents


Ms Rinsola Abiola, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Leadership and Citizenship, has called on schools to establish mechanisms to tackle bullying and other negative behaviours among students.


Her remarks came in response to a recent bullying incident in a school in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Ms Abiola made these comments during a seminar organized by the Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Pattern Initiative (APBPI) in partnership with the Federal Capital Territory Secondary Education Board, held at the Government Secondary School Gwarinpa, Life Camp, Abuja.

Addressing hundreds of students and representatives from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the presidential adviser emphasized the need to discourage and condemn bullying in schools.

She stressed the importance of schools taking proactive steps to address such issues internally before they escalate into public matters.

“It is very important that schools set up mechanisms to properly address these issues before they become a public matter where Nigerians will start weighing in directly.

“As Nigerians and parents, when it comes to young people, we have to be very sensitive and mindful in how we approach those issues,” she stated.

She also highlighted the prevalence of drug abuse among the youth population, emphasizing the need to educate young people about the dangers of substance abuse and its long-term consequences on their health and well-being.

Mann Bamidele, Chairman and Director of the Campaign Team for Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Pattern Initiative, explained that their campaign aimed to address behavioural issues among students, particularly at Government Secondary School Gwarinpa, Lifecamp.

He noted a lackadaisical attitude toward academics among students, which often resulted in violence toward the end of the term.

In response, the Principal of Government Secondary School Gwarinpa, Lifecamp, Mrs Akerele Irene, represented by the Vice Principal of Administration, Bilikisu Ibrahim, emphasized the importance of fostering positive behavioural patterns to safeguard children in society, especially among the younger generation.

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