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Oxygen, Alpha & Omega for Healthcare, by Tunde Fabunmi

People without adequate cellular oxygen have one disease or the other. Why? The smallest of ALL diseases is a manifestation of oxygen deficiency in the body. Studies upon studies have shown that diseases persist and worsen as long as oxygen deficiency persists and worsens. What is the science behind linkage of oxygen deficiency to ailments? Human body heals diseases with nutrients from foods particularly carbohydrate converted to ENERGY. But without adequate cellular oxygen, glucose (the end product of carbohydrates metabolism) cannot be efficiently converted into energy for cell growth, repair and regeneration. Similarly, oxygen deficiency impairs efficient conversion of amino acids and fatty acids from protein and fat metabolism into ENERGY for synthesis of enzymes and hormones as well as power the immune system.
In other words, oxygen is not just the BREATH OF LIFE, it is also the basic FUEL for cell metabolism.
HEALING is repair of damaged tissues/cells, but this is not possible without adequate cerebral & cellular oxygen. The BRAIN determines HEALTH & HEALING, and it needs 20 percent of oxygen inhaled 24/7 by the body to discharge its systemic functions efficiently.
But what deprives the BRAIN, the body cells and tissues adequate oxygen?
Poor blood circulation. Blood delivers oxygen and other nutrients to the brain, body cells and tissues and as well as removes metabolic wastes . As long as poor blood circulation persists and worsens, the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain and the body cells reduces. Efficiency of metabolic wastes elimination from the cells and tissues also decreases.
What are the physiological implications of poor blood circulation, inadequate oxygen delivery and poor elimination of metabolic wastes? Mass death of brain and body cells and accelerated aging, which can worsen prognosis of chronic diseases.. In other words, what medically called diseases are SYMPTOMS of OXYGEN DEFICIENCY.
However, the body gives WARNINGS for low oxygen in the brain and other parts of the body. What are these systemic warnings?
Pain, headache, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, recurring infections, cough, breathing difficulty, fatigue, muscle cramps, poor sleep, poor digestion, constipation, fluid retention, poor vision, intolerance to cold, stroke, heart attack, forgetfulness, memory loss, tumours, dizziness, chest pain…….
How do we eliminate discomforts associated with oxygen deficiency medically mirrored as DISEASES?
Get our INEXHAUSTIBLE MOBILE OXYGEN BOOSTER. How does this redress oxygen deficiency? MOBILE OXYGEN directly avails the BRAIN oxygen via the NOSTRILS, bye passing poor blood circulation, which hinders efficient oxygen delivery to the brain and the body cells. Availing the BRAIN adequate oxygen means its dying cells and nerves will not only be repaired and regenerated, but new ones can also be created to make the BRAIN YOUNGER & BIGGER. Reasearch studies have shown that YOUNGER and BIGGER BRAINS send HEALING SIGNALS to any diseased tissue or organ in the body. So, HEALING comes from the HEAD indisputably.
Though DEATH is inevitable for every mortal, people that get LIFELINE of MOBILE OXYGEN BOOSTER is assured HE ALTHIER LONGER LI FE, barring accidents.
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