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Operating hours of stroke, by Tunde Fabunmi

Stroke has become epidemic of a sort among the old and young adults in Nigeria. The fact that STROKE was a rarity in Nigeria in the 60s, 70s and 80s means Nigerians were eating and living RIGHTLY then while the reverse is the case now. More often than not, STROKE is self inflicted. Why and how? Skipping breakfast is a major cause of stroke. Wrong dinner, and eating it at wrong time, is anorher cause of stroke.
While there are other risk factors for stroke, those skipping breakfast and eating BULLDOZER MEAL at 9pm or later are SURE CANDIDATES for STROKE.
Do you know that dinner must not only be the smallest meal of the day, it must also be eating THREE HOURS before sleep time (10 PM) Unfortunately, this law of healthy eating and living is violated by many 24/7. What is the common excuse for skipping breakfast? Nature of my work or I am not used to eating in the morning. The common excuse for heavy late dinner is Lagos hellish traffic situation or it is the real meal since morning.
Besides Lagosians, people in other states also skip breakfast and eat wrong dinner at wrong time. Will NATURE bend its LAW for anybody? NO. After all, ignorance is not a defence for violating human laws. In nature & human courts, Law breakers pay the PRICE. The ULTIMATE PRICE for bad dinner eating at wrong time is STROKE. Why? When we sleep before the completion of digestion of DINNER, body converts the meal to FATS for strorage in the LIVER and blood vessels. The result of this bad dinner habit 24/7? Fatty liver, pot belly and clogged arteries, which undermine blood circulation and oxygen supply to the BRAIN.
Poor blood circulation and inadequate OXYGEN supply to the brain day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year ultimately results n STROKE one day. The human body delivers the judgment for violating its law between 3AM and 8AM. Which day? Nobody knows, but the SENTENCE is always STROKE, which is akin to imprisonment in HUMAN COURT.
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