Al-Shifa, the main hospital in Gaza City under Israel's threat if attack

Isreal Defense Forces invade biggest Gaza hospital, Erdogan says Isreal a “terrorist state” 


In a specific section of the al-Shifa hospital complex, Israel said that its forces were carrying out a “precise” assault against Hamas “with the intent that no harm is caused to the civilians being used by Hamas as human shields.”


According to the Israel Defense Forces, the invasion is “based on intelligence information and an operational necessity.” The military also claimed to have found a Hamas training camp with weapons, classrooms, underground shafts, and intelligence supplies.

This coincides with the World Health Organization’s announcement that a cease-fire is required to protect civilian life because the situation at the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City has gotten worse. Al-Shifa has reportedly halted operations, according to the WHO.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke badly to Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu stating that Israel was pursuing a “total destruction” strategy in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel is carrying out a plan to completely destroy a city and its inhabitants. In remarks that were publicly translated by Google and cited by the Turkish state media Anadolu, Erdogan declared, “My heart is at rest, I say openly that Israel is a terror state.”

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