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Insulin, fat production & storage, by Tunde Fabunmi


Insulin is an hormone with primary function of governing fat production and storage with secondary role of lowering high blood sugar. What is the implication of INSULIN roles for healthcare? The less INSULIN the body produces after eating, the less fat is produced and stored. Not having insulin surge after eating also ensures optimal blood sugar and blood pressure. The reverse is the case. Insulin surge causes pot belly, high triglycerides ( fats in the blood), high blood sugar and elevated blood pressure.
Contrary to widely view, too much carbohydrate is not the cause of obesity and epidemic of diabetes. Rather, these metabolic disorders are triggered and driven by insulin surge day after day. The resultant effect of insulin surge after eating is INSULIN RESISTANCE, which is the systemic trigger and driver of ALL CHRONIC DISEASES.
What causes insulin surge that snowballs into insulin resistance? What foods sustain optimal insulin production that PREVENTS OR BEAT chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, glaucoma, cancer……? How do you determine optimal level of serum insulin? Do FASTING INSULIN TEST. The range for optimal fasting insulin that ensures healthier longer life is 2- 3. Fasting insulin below 2 is dangerous, because it causes type 1 diabetes, VISION LOSS & sky – high blood pressure.. Fasting insulin higher than 5 is not healthy. As a matter of fact, very high fasting insulin indicates low level of good bacteria in the GUT, which increases the risk of CANCER & MENTAL DISORDERS.
Our ancestors across all tribes in Nigeria ate carbohydrates as their main meals 24/7 without having pot belly and epidemic of ulcer, diabetes, hypertension and stroke among young adults in the country today. What is missing in our diet? What is wrong with the cooking and storing methods of our foods?
Getting answers to these questions and apply them in your cooking, eating, and food storage habits will not only keep chronic diseases at bay, but also help the SICK beat their health challenges.
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