I make no apology for saying the following, says Fani-Kayode

I make no apology for saying the following.

Lagos is NOT no-man’s land. It belongs to the Yoruba. Other than winning the Presidency, the most important thing for the Yoruba to do today is to ensure that Babajide Sanwo-Olu is re-elected as Governor of Lagos state.

Outside of that we are finished as a race and as a people.

The Labour Party candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, whose mother and wife are Igbo and who is running a patently anti-Yoruba and pro-Igbo campaign, is one of those that burnt properties and buses during the Endsars riots.

He is also in bed with IPOB and is hell bent on imposing an unashamedly Igbo agenda on the people of Lagos state including removing all our Yoruba traditional rulers and imposing Igbo ones.

Would the Igbo allow any Yoruba man to do such a thing in the east?

Our liberalism and willingness to accommodate others has become our biggest albatross.

We gave them land, food and shelter and now they want to take everything from us and rule over us.

They have even infiltrated our Churches and introduced a brand of religious intolerance which is alien to us.

They want to deny us that which our forefathers built, fought and died for and they want to decimate our identity and redefine who we are!

Please take this very seriously and take note that it is beyond politics.

Lagos is for Lagosians and Lagosians are YORUBA!

We welcome visitors and strangers with love, kindness and open arms because that is our nature but we will never let them rule over us in our fathers land, take our land and territory and deprive us of our patrimony, heritage and ancestry.

Anything short of this would be an abomination and would attract the wrath and curse of God.

We know who we are and we know what is ours. Nothing and nobody will take that from us.

It is time to reclaim Lagos and the first step to doing that is to vote for Jide in the Governorship election on Saturday.

I call on all sons and daughters of the West and all true friends of Lagos and the West to come out and vote for Jide and the APC on that day.


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