Tunde Fabunmi, Food Therapist, CEO, Bee Conservation

Healthcare: No short cut to success, by Tunde Fabunmi

The axim,no short cut to success, applies to all situations including healthcare. Lets zero this piece on orthodox healthcare approach to chronic diseases.
The hub of orthodox medicine (drugs and surgery) only treats the symptoms of diseases, which is akin to short cut. Why? Any disease can only be CURED by eliminating its cause(s.) What is the cause of chronic diseases? Barring accidents, every chronic disease is ROOTED in nutrient deficiencies due to improper diet and lifestyles with or without genetic disposition. Why and how? As designed by our creator, GOD oNUTRIENTS from foods eaten and well digested provide energy for the body cells as well as arsenal to repair cell and tissue damaged we call diseases. Do you also know that BRAIN determines health and healiing? Do you also know that no synthetic drug can enter the BRAIN to facilitate HEALING for the SICK?
Given these facts, using drugs and surgery for diseases amounts to short cut devoid of success (healing). Has any hypertensive beat this neurological disorder with drug? Rather, HBP managed with drugs often end fatally (stroke , heart attack kidney failure, blindness…….).
Treating the symptom of GLAUCOMA ( elevated ocular pressure) with synthetic eye drops or surgery or both is purely a short cut approach. This is why no glaucoma patient on synthetic eye drops or surgery or both avoid blindness except they die before vision loss.
The medical establishment knows the futility of using drugs and surgery to treat chronic diseases, hence the deceitful term called DRUG MANAGEMENT.
Medical SHORT CUT for chronic diseases is not only suicidal, but it is also fortune wrecking. I know hypertensive, GLAUCOMA patients, DIABETICS, heart disease & cancer patients and men with prostate woes who preffered the medical short cut to FOOD MEDICINES. The end results? Their medical bills not only run into millions, but many of them also become bedridden vegetables untill death. Yes, death is inevitable end for every mortal, but must we waste millions and suffer miseries in the name of medical treatment? NO
What is the science validated alternative to medical short cut for ailments? FOOD MEDICINES plus lifestyle changes, which cure diseases by eliminating their causes. Where do you get this in Nigeria?
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