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Gov Ododo’s rescheduled Ondo APC gov primary in Okitipupa a nullity – Olusola Oke


The Olusola Oke Campaign Organisation in Ondo State has dismissed a purported rescheduled governorship primary election of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Okitipuoa Local Government as a nullity.


The campaign organisation said the primary election, rescheduled for Sunday, April 21, 2024, is an attempt to fulfil the import of a written script by the Governor Odido of Kogi State, whi is the Chairman of the governorship primary election committee.

A statement by Ojo Oyewamide
Spokesperson, Olusola Oke Campaign Organisation, said, “We have read on social media a notice of rescheduled primary election slated for today, Sunday 21st of April, 2024, in Okitipupa local government area. The notice was said to have been issued by Governor Ododo, the chairman of the Election Committee.

“As we prepare to make the whole world see the monumental fraud perpetrated by Governor Odod and his men, this irritating notice has further confirmed that Governor Ododo has a premeditated plan to impose on the people of Ondo state a fraudlent electoral process that can only produce fraudulent leadership.

“First and foremost, there was no election anywhere in Ondo state, so there can never be a rescheduled election.

“Secondly, the purported reacheduled election is fixed for 12 midday today, Sunday 21st, this is gross insensitivity and disrespect to the religion of our party members who were robbed of their democratic rights by Governor Ododo and his hired enablers. By 12 midday, many of these loyal and dedicated party members will still be in their respective worship centres.”

The statement stressed that, “The need for the purported rescheduled primary election arises as a result of their unsuccessful attempt to smuggle in the already written election results of the primary having been resisted by some men of conscience who refused be initiated into the Kogi democratic system of violence and intimidation to qin election.

“We understand the limitation of Governor Ododo. He is a product of election process that is driven by violence and intimidation. Seeing an election that is characterised by violence, gross intimidation, and open manipulation means nothing to him. The presence of Governor Ododo was the impetus that further energised the hired thugs that militarised the election.

“Therefore, it is understandable that Governor Ododo and his team have no respect for the guidelines of the primary election that should be a guide for their actions, summarily, we do not expect a man whose only democratic credential, as an emerging leader, is subversion of democratic process. He shoùld be told that this is Ondo state.”

It insisted that the campaign organisation is “ready to use any legal and acceptable means to redress these shenanigans. We are Ondo state people, we are no conquered people.”

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