EPL: Ian Wright says Arsenal’s weak back will hurt them


Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, has said the absence of key defender William Saliba has already hurt the club.


He also said it was unfair putting the blame of Arsenal’s recent predicaments on one player, Rob Holdings, insisting that generally Arsenal have dropped their standard,

Holding has been the one soaking the blame for the Gunners’ dip in form, which has seen them draw three consecutive matches and lost one to the title rivals Manchester City.

Following the injury to Saliba, who has been their key man in the back this season, Holding was called upon to step in and the north London side has been unable to keep a single clean sheet across their last six fixtures.

Pundits, such as former Aston Villa striker, Gabriel Agbonlahor had said that Holding’s standard was not in the Premier League, saying he should be playing in the Championship, while Manchester United legend Roy Keane branded the Englishman as ‘very slow’ and a weak link in the team.

“When you look at the players, someone like William Saliba is a massive miss,” Wright told The Kelly & Wrighty Show.

“It’s very unfortunate what is happening to Rob Holding because a lot of people have been making mistakes at Arsenal in the last few games.

“For some reason, simply because Rob Holding has come in to fill the gap of William Saliba – which is very tough – he’s getting a lot of stick, which is unfair.

“I think Arsenal and other certain players have dropped their standards, but for some reason you blame Rob Holding.

“When you get a player like William Saliba, I’m just praying we can keep him for as long as we can.

“[When you lose him to injury] it is going to hurt you. It has hurt us,” he said.

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