Wale Adeyemo, US Deputy Treasury Secretary

Elated Nigerian-born US Deputy Treasury Secretary, Wally Adeyemo, visits to boost economic ties


It is home coming for Nigerian-born United States Deputy Treasury Secretary, Wally Adeyemo, who is visiting Nigeria to boost economic ties between the US and the country.


Adeyemo, during his visit, will meet key government officials, business leaders, and representatives from various sectors of the economy and decision makers.

The visit is important as President Tinubu is fashioning out implementable policies and reforms to revive the country’s economy.

A statement by the US Government on WordPress, said, “We are excited to announce that the Deputy Treasury Secretary will soon be making a highly anticipated visit to Nigeria in a significant effort to strengthen economic ties between the United States and Nigeria.

“This visit comes at a crucial time when both countries have recognized the immense potential for collaboration and mutual growth. Nigeria, with its vibrant economy and abundant resources, offers a vast array of opportunities for foreign investment, while the United States, as a global economic powerhouse, brings extensive expertise and capital to the table.

“During the visit, the Deputy Treasury Secretary will engage in a series of high-level meetings with key government officials, business leaders, and representatives from various sectors. The discussions will revolve around enhancing trade relations, exploring avenues for investment, and addressing any potential barriers that hinder the bilateral economic relationship.

“Nigeria, as Africa’s largest economy, has witnessed remarkable transformation in recent years. The government’s commitment to economic reforms, infrastructure development, and diversification has attracted substantial foreign interest.

“The visit by the Deputy Treasury Secretary further reinforces the United States’ recognition of Nigeria’s potential as a strategic economic partner.”

Adeyemo, in an interview with The New York Times, said, “It’s one of those opportunities to go to a place that means a lot to me personally, but also to go to a place that means a lot to me professionally, just given that Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy with a huge demographic boom.”

“It’s just a great chance for me to talk about how we can deepen the economic relationship and the strategic relationship at a moment when Nigeria has a government that’s already taken really important steps in terms of economic reform.”

Adeyemo said that his message in Nigeria will be that “the United States wants to be your partner, not only to provide development assistance, but to think about how we deepen our investment and trade relationship.”

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