Tahir Mamman, Education Minister

Education Minister vows to cut fund from non-performing TETFund centres


Tahir Mamman, the Minister of Education, has declared that the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) will withdraw funding from any Centre of Excellence it established eight years ago that fails to meet performance standards, emphasizing the government’s stance against rewarding indolence.


During a briefing in Abuja, Mamman expressed the government’s commitment to holding institutions accountable for delivering on their mandates.

He reiterated that TETFund will not continue disbursing funds to institutions that do not fulfil their obligations, emphasizing the need for accountability and excellence in scholarship.

The Minister highlighted the importance of promoting high-quality skill development initiatives across polytechnics and other institutions to meet Nigeria’s needs domestically and internationally.

He emphasized the government’s intention to enhance equipment levels and ensure the provision of top-tier skill sets to benefit the nation.

In alignment with Mamman’s stance, Sonny Echono, the Executive Secretary of TETFund, affirmed the Fund’s determination to stop allocating resources to underperforming centres.

Echono cited concerns about some centres’ inability to access funds allocated to them due to delays in meeting predetermined milestones, underscoring the need for improved performance.

Echono praised the strategy behind establishing centres of excellence, which aimed to incubate institutions with the necessary resources and expertise to lead research and scholarship efforts.

He acknowledged that while some centres have excelled and made significant contributions to research and innovation, others have lagged.

Regarding non-performing institutions, Echono stressed the importance of conducting thorough assessments to determine the reasons for their lack of progress.

He advocated for a fair and transparent approach to evaluating centres, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently to institutions that demonstrate the capacity to excel.

”Through stringent evaluations and strategic interventions, TETFund aims to maximize the impact of its funding initiatives and ensure that institutions deliver on their mandates effectively,” he added.

Additionally, the Committee on the Assessment/Review of TETFund Centres of Excellence, led by Oyewale Tomori, recommended providing bailout funds to centres struggling to meet initial infrastructure requirements.

The committee underscored the need for direct disbursement of funds to Centre of Excellence accounts and emphasized the importance of appointing full-time directors to oversee centre operations.

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