China pledges support for Nigeria’s education sector


Nigeria has received a resounding pledge of ongoing support for its education system from the People’s Republic of China, solidifying a longstanding partnership between the two nations.


The assurance came during the launch of the Free Chinese Online Classroom Project by the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone (OGFTZ) in Igbesa, Ogun State.

Ms. Yan Yuqing, the Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate in Nigeria, conveyed the commitment, emphasizing the collaborative effort with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

She explained the significance of the Free Trade Zone Online Chinese Classroom as a pivotal milestone in cultural and economic cooperation between Nigeria and China, aligning with President Xi Jinping’s vision for African development support.

The launch event boasted an impressive lineup of attendees, including Madame Wang Jinhong, Chairman of Chinese Plus, and various dignitaries from academia and industry.

Madame Jinhong highlighted the project’s ambition to democratize Chinese language learning globally through online courses and live broadcasts, aiming to cultivate proficient speakers equipped with vocational skills to bridge cultures and foster cooperation.

Kevin Liu, Deputy General Manager of China-Africa Investment FZC, emphasized the program’s focus on empowering university undergraduates with valuable skills and economic opportunities.

He expressed gratitude for the support from the Chinese Consulate General, the Chinese Ministry of Education, and the Ogun State government, envisioning widespread benefits for Africa and Nigeria.

Madame Wang, one of the project coordinators, elaborated on the initiative’s objective to transfer knowledge to workers through language learning, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and vocational skills.

With over 600 registrations for the program, both physically and online, the organizers are keen to collaborate with local higher institutions to develop tailored curricula.

Prof. Abayomi Arigbabu, Commissioner of Education, Science, and Technology, Ogun State, echoed the government’s commitment to supporting the project, signalling a willingness to incorporate Chinese language teaching into the state’s curriculum to enhance knowledge, opportunities, and empowerment.

Among the attendees, Tongnyan David, a student, expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for the opportunity presented by the free Chinese online class, foreseeing personal and professional growth through language proficiency and technical expertise.

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