222m children missing basic schooling – UN

The UN says at least 200 million children around the world are missing out on educational opportunities as a result of crises.

This is contained in a UN report released on Tuesday in Geneva.

Yasmine Sherif, director of Education Cannot Wait, the UN’s fund for education in emergencies said the children could all be assisted if more money was available.

“We found out that about 222 million school-aged children are affected by crises globally,” the organisation said.

Around 78 million young people aged between three and 18 completely lack formal education. The UN said 20 million are at school but lack the food and psychological guidance needed to get through their school years.

“Also 120 million are in school but do not attain basic skills in reading and arithmetic.

“More than half the schools in the poorest countries lack clean drinking water, and only 40 per cent of children are able to wash their hands.

“Just a third of schools in these countries have a reliable power supply.”

The organisation said the fund operates in countries like Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Yemen.

It is also supporting children in Ukraine and refugees from Ukraine. Around five million children in more than 40 countries benefit from its work.

The organisation called for support across social media channels in the hope of securing funds not only from traditional donors, such as governments, companies and foundations but also from individuals.

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