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  By TUNDE FABUNMI, food and nutrition therapist, honey-healing consultant

Food is the only true medicine (preventive and curative), while every other thing is business. Put in another way, barring accidents, every disease is caused by improper diet and lifestyles with or without genetic factors. The basis of food cure is anchored on the fact that man is either building health or diseases by what he eats and how he lives. This is a fact many medical doctors in other climes do not dispute.

Do you need evidence? According to Dr. Everett Koop, MD, Former Surgeon General, USA, “All chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, hypertension and respiratory distress are all caused by diet-related factors”

Dr. William G. Crook, MD said: “The road to better health will not be found through more drugs, doctors and hospitals. Instead it will be discovered through better nutrition and changes in lifestyles”

Let here Dr. Victor Marchione, MD position on this subject. He said: The most promising medical breakthroughs I am prescribing today are FOODS. Clinical research studies at leading universities have discovered healing nutrients in foods, and I see it for myself in my daily work with patients”

What is Dr Bradley Bale, MD view point on the connection of diet and lifestyles to diabetes? He said “Diet and lifestyle changes are more effective than drugs for preventing and reversing diabetes”

Dr. David Brownstein, MD has this to say on the linkage of diet to health or ill-health. He said: “After practicing medicine for 17years, I know there is a relationship between one’s dietary choices and their ability to either be healthy or ill. I have witnessed the cure of many chronic illnesses, which I was taught had no cure, with the adoption of healthy diet”

How does food cure work? Food cure is a three-pronged approach for healing. The sick get food-based medications to heal diseases; the sick get the list of healthy foods to nourish body organs, tissues and cells; and the sick get list of bad foods and lifestyles that must be avoided to prevent recurrence of cured diseases.

In effect, treating diseases outside nutrition is like fetching water with basket. This is the reason why ailments persist and worsen with drug management. Food is indispensable to healing because the body cells have a built-in DNA repair system that fixes any damage, but when the cells are undernourished, they lose the ability to repair themselves.

What is your health challenge? There is food cure for whatever ails you… be it diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, diabetic retinopathy, cancer, hypertension, low blood pressure, ulcers, heart disease, arthritis, glaucoma, prostate enlargement, cataract, fibroid, endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cysts, kidney failure, hepatitis, asthma, hearing loss, goiter, depression, sickle cell, Parkinson’s disease and others not mentioned here as long as it is physical ailment.

Food cure otherwise known as nutrition is a core part of medical science that harnesses the therapeutic powers and effects of wholesome organic foods to promote health and healing. But despite scientific validation of foods as cure for diseases in many studies worldwide, medical establishment says many diseases are incurable. Why this seeming contradiction in the world of science? Food products are not PATENTABLE like drugs for profit making. Consequently, not many medical doctors will promote nutrition for health and healing because it will jeopardize their monopoly on healthcare system. In other words, BUSINESS INTEREST is the primary motive of modern medicine rooted on the pharmaceutical drugs. Only the fools will think otherwise.

Unfortunately, the monopoly of medical establishment on healthcare has tied the mindset of people to drugs and surgery as the only solutions to health challenges. This erroneous belief forecloses exploration of nutrition for health and healing by many people globally.

However, the reality of food as the only true medicine is dawning on medical doctors in many parts of the world including Nigeria.. As a matter of fact, there are medical doctors in Europe, Asia, America and Nigeria using nutrition as the bedrock of their practice, but they are too few to rock the boat of medical establishment sailing on drugs, medical devices and surgery.

In specific terms, here are science-validated facts why healing is impossible outside nutrition.


It is impossible to overcome any chronic illness if the pH of the body is less than 7. But while the simplest of drugs (analgesic) lowers body pH, NUTRITION elevates body pH to alkaline level, thus promoting health and healing.



Mineral deficiencies are present in most chronic disorders and it is impossible to overcome these disorders without correcting mineral deficits. Where will minerals come from if not FOODS?



Insulin resistance, a product of unhealthy eating is the trigger of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. But only foods can eliminate insulin resistance and promote healing of diseases triggered and fuelled by it.



Inflammation, which is the body response to bad diet, infections and toxins triggers and fuels all degenerative diseases – diabetes, arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, asthma ….. However, the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs are worse than the primary disease conditions they are meant to treat. Only healthy foods can deactivate inflammation to promote health and healing.



Body immunity and hormonal system are linked. Therefore, healing is not possible without optimal function of the immunity and hormonal system. Only healthy foods feed the glands, strengthen the immune system and ensure optimal function of the hormonal system critical for health and healing.


Dehydration is a fundamental factor at play in all diseases, thus making adequate intake of water and salt indispensable part of any meaningful healing approach. Water and salt are foods. Aren’t they?


Without detoxification to get of toxins, metabolic wastes and heavy metals out of the body, healing is impossible. While only a clean body can truly be healed of any infirmity, detoxification is only possible within the scope of NUTRITION


Obesity increases the risk of death for people contending with certain health challenges. Yet, effective weight shedding is based on 80% healthy diet and 20% exercise.


All the body systems comprising organs, tissues and glands are interconnected. This is why it is not possible to mitigate or cure eye problems without factoring the vital roles of the brain, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and thyroid gland in the treatment protocol. Similarly, treating kidney failure without boosting the health of the heart and liver is an exercise in futility. But unlike drugs, which treat diseased organs in isolation and causing negative side effects for other parts of the body, NUTRITION treats not just the damaged parts of the body, but also the whole body as a unit.


Everything that fuels the human body and ensures optimal functions of its physiology and anatomy as well as repair damaged tissues comes from healthy FOODS. These include hormones, enzymes, fibres, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino-acids, glucose and essential fatty acids. Can this be disputed medically?


Diabetes, arthritis, cancer and fibroids and other chronic diseases are often accompanied by anemia, which increases the risk of complications and premature death. But there is no cure for anemia outside NUTRITION.


Dele Fashomi
Dele Fashomi, seasoned journalist and communication teacher, is a holder of Master of Arts degree in Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan in 1992/93.Earlier, he had bagged a Bachelor degree from the same university in 1984, after which he proceeded to the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos, in 1990, for a postgraduate diploma in Journalism.He had done many courses in communication, including the EU-BBC Editing Course in 2002.Mr. Fashomi combines effectively the practice, research and teaching of communication. And to date, he has published two academic works in communication: Issues in Communication Technology and Policy (2010) and Economic and Social Issues in Advertising and PR (2013).He had his first break in the Nigerian media in Concord Newspapers in 1990 and today, he has over two and half decades experience earned in several newspapers.He has been part of many start-ups, such as The Republic (1987), The Comet (1999), The Anchor 2001 - 2002; Sun Newspapers (2003); Westerner newsmagazine (2005 - 2010) as Editor; National Life (2011) as Sunday Editor, and Newswatch Newspapers (2012- 2016) as Daily Editor.Dele Fashomi is now the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of newspaper online, which he started in July 2015. He is also into biography writing, with many books in his trail, some of which he wrote alone and one he co- authored with his mentor, Mr Dare Babarinsa, entitled:  Olabiyi Durojaiye - DARE TO BE DiFFERENT. He also guided and collaborated with Pa Olatunji Odusanya in writing his autobiography - AGAINST ALL ODDS. There are many other books in the works under his pen.