Singer Portable, Rain Dollars, Naira in Trenches After Europe Trip


Portable, a controversial Nigerian artist, made headlines again after returning from his successful European tour with an amazing gesture.


Just days after returning to Nigeria from a tour in the United States and Europe, the artist decided to give back to his community in his signature style.

In the video, which has since gone viral on social media, Portable can be seen spending a large sum of money on a crowd in an unknown location.

The video shows Portable unbinding bundles of money and notes and throwing them into the crowd of people who had gathered to watch him perform.

In September, the artist embarked on a tour in Europe, which attracted the attention of leading Nigerian news sites. The tour was marked by energetic performances, large crowds, and enthusiastic receptions.

On the day of his return to Nigeria, Portable decided to share money with his fans and friends.

The act of donating money in such a generous and unrestricted way has sparked a lot of responses online.

Fans reactions

@Realtonyblack1 “A hood boss and the reason he keeps trending.”

@casmirozuruigbo: “Biza biza, don go collect, e dey show for the trenches”

@Jurell4l: “Where portable dey see money.”

@Cruiselord___:”I passed that area today o.”

@JamezThunderman: “Ogun Michael Jackson no Dey fall our hand”

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