House of Representatives

Reps call on FG to establish free cancer treatment centres


The House of Representatives has passed a motion calling on the Federal government to allocate funds for establishing cancer treatment centres and providing free cancer treatment across Nigeria.


The motion, sponsored by Honourable Yusuf Ahmad Badau from Kano state, noted that there was an urgent need to address the rising number of cancer patients in the country and alleviate the financial burden on affected individuals.

He said: ”Cancer has become a significant public health concern in Nigeria, with alarming rates of mortality attributed to the disease.

”The lack of government intervention in cancer treatment has exacerbated the situation, leading to difficulties for many affected individuals, particularly low-income earners in rural communities, to afford the cost of treatment.”

In response to the motion, the House mandated the Federal Ministry of Health to direct all Teaching Hospitals to establish Cancer Treatment Centers and initiate free treatment for cancer patients.

Hon Badua further said: ”This initiative aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services to those in need, especially in underserved areas with limited awareness about cancer prevention and management.

”The motion also emphasizes the importance of providing a legal framework to ensure the sustainability of free cancer treatment services in Teaching Hospitals nationwide.

”By eradicating or reducing the financial barriers to cancer treatment, the government can significantly mitigate the high mortality rates associated with the disease and improve the overall health outcomes of Nigerians.

”Through collaborative efforts between the government, healthcare institutions, and stakeholders, Nigeria can make significant strides in combating cancer and ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all citizens.”

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