Notcoin prepares for exchange debut, suspends token deposits


Ahead of its anticipated listing, the Notcoin team has announced the suspension of NOT token deposits on crypto exchanges, effective today, May 14.


This temporary measure is aimed at facilitating a seamless transition for users and ensuring optimal trading conditions upon the coin’s official listing on May 16.

In a statement posted on X, the Notcoin team stated the importance of this transition period, urging users to initiate any pending transfers to exchanges to ensure they can begin trading from the moment NOT becomes available for trading.

Notcoin, a pioneering web3 gaming project launched within the Open Network (TON) ecosystem, has garnered significant attention since its inception on January 1.

Operating as a mini-application within the Telegram messenger, Notcoin enables users to effortlessly receive coins with a simple tap on their phone screens, with opportunities to boost earnings through various activities.

Before this announcement, the Notcoin project team revealed plans to allocate 5% of the token’s total supply to community members and cryptocurrency exchange clients.

One billion NOT tokens were earmarked for users of the wallet bot within Telegram, with the distribution campaign slated to conclude on May 25.

In addition to the temporary suspension of token deposits, the Notcoin team unveiled plans for the widespread availability of NOT starting May 16.

Users will have the option to sell the asset on the P2P market or exchange it for Toncoin (TON), USDT, or Bitcoin (BTC). Furthermore, NOT can be seamlessly transferred to Telegram contacts and utilized for various payment transactions.

The recent announcement follows Notcoin’s listing on the OKX crypto exchange, which added NOT to its Jumpstart marketplace’s launchpad.

From May 13 to May 16, traders have the opportunity to earn Notcoin by staking TON, further enhancing the coin’s utility and accessibility within the crypto community.

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