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Let’s adopt catch-them-young method in science, technology – SHESTCO

Sheda Science and Technology Complex (SHESTCO) has stressed the need for the younger generation to be taught how to use science and technology in solving societal problems.

Dr Shola Odusanya, the Director Research, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Advanced Laboratory, gave the advice in an interview in Abuja on Friday.

‘’I think the best method is to start teaching our young ones so that they begin to know how to use science and technology in solving problems.”

According to him, the countries that are leading the world today do so because of technology.

‘’Therefore, technology cannot replace teaching but those who don’t use technology will be replaced by products that are coming out of technology application,” he said.

Odusanya urged everybody to embrace technology and adapt it to the areas of the country’s development.

While describing science and technology as the engine of growth of Nigeria’s economy, he said that the country had not fared well in applying technology in agricultural value chain for economic development.

He said biotechnology could be deployed to provide quality seeds for the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy.

He said huge investments on inorganic fertilisers plants could be reduced by applications of biotechnology in bio-fertiliser production.

‘’Shifting emphasis on soil, health and organic farming could be possible with investments in science and technology.

‘’Smart farming practices are other examples of the impact of science on agriculture,” he explained.

The done, however, attributed the basic problem militating against the sector to poor access to knowledge on science and technology.

‘’For instance, what we teach in schools is not what the industry requires and we need to improve what we teach in schools.
‘’The classroom environment must be one that is ready to join the rest of the world because right now, we are separated from the rest of the world in terms of the knowledge we impart,” he said.