DPR says 30 refinery licences are not used

Only 30 of the 70 refineries licenses issued by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) are active.

According to a July 8 document entitled “List of private licensed refineries”, 35 refineries have the License to Establish (LTE).

The document shows that only 10 of those licensed to establish refineries are active.

It also indicates that two of the refineries Licensed To Operate (LTO) are active. One of them is a toppling plant of Niger Delta Petroleum Resources (Phase 1 and 2) in Ogbele, Rivers State with a barrel per stream day (BPSP) capacity of 6,000.

Its construction has been completed and transferred to Downstream Monitoring and Regulation (DMR) for monitoring.

The other one is the toppling plant of the Waltersmith Refining & Petrochemical Company Limited, Ibigwe, Imo State that has 5,000 BPSP Capacity. The DPR has issued it the License To Operate.

DPR noted that the total proposed capacity of active and non-active refineries so far granted have a crude commitment as follows: 1,489,000 Barrel Per Stream Day (BPSD) active and 1,862,000 BPSD not active, totalling 3,510,000 BPSD.

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