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How to lose belly fat

Losing fat from around the belly is a common fitness goal everyone particularly women strive to have. Nothing looks prettier than putting on a dress that sits well without a stomach bulging out. Belly fat or abdominal fat is the subcutaneous (under the skin) fat that sits around the waist and provides a store of…

Fried chicken linked to early death

Foods such as fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish were associated with a higher risk of heart-related death, particularly among younger women in the study (aged 50-65 years old). The researchers suggest that reducing consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish/shellfish, could have a positive public health impact, a report in ScienceDaily stated….

Researchers say bee sting unsafe after woman’s death

Researchers are now changing that live bee acupuncture therapy, touted as a way to promote “natural” healing and pain relief, is “unsafe and unadvisable,” According to researchers who studied the case of a 55-year-old Spanish woman who died of complications from severe anaphylaxis weeks after a treatment session, it may now be considered unsafe. Live…

Can a bee sting help arthritis?

If you have arthritis, you may be using standard treatments to ease joint pain and stiffness. For example, you may be taking over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications. Your doctor may have also recommended lifestyle changes, physical therapy, or surgery. Some research suggests that a surprising alternative treatment may also help treat arthritis: bee venom therapy….

In Romania, garlic has miraculous magic healing power

Transylvania’s winding, misty roads, castles and medieval fortresses set the stage for some of Europe’s darkest legends, the most famous of which is Count Dracula. Despite having never set foot in Transylvania himself, 19th-Century author Bram Stoker based his vampire lore on the strigoi (from the Latin ‘striga’ meaning ‘witch’ or ‘evil spirit’) thanks to…


  By TUNDE FABUNMI, food and nutrition therapist, honey-healing consultant Food is the only true medicine (preventive and curative), while every other thing is business. Put in another way, barring accidents, every disease is caused by improper diet and lifestyles with or without genetic factors. The basis of food cure is anchored on the fact…