Buhari blames insecurity, depressed econòmic actitivies on collapsed LGs

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday has blamed the pervasive insecurity and worsening economy of the country on the collapse of the local government structure.

President Buhari dísclosed this during an exclusive interview he granted to a team of journalists from Arise Television, led by its Chairman, Mr Nduka Obaigbena, Dr Reuben Abati, Tundun Abiola, and Segun Olaniyi.

Specifically, the president charged the governors to, “Secure your states! You campaigned and got into office because the people voted for you. You cannot expect another person to do your job for you.”

President Buhari lamented the destruction and takeover of local government structures across the country, giving an example of a situation where a local government got an allocation of N300 million and a state governor made the chairman to sign for the funds and doled out only N100 million to the local government.

He said, “Two South West Governors came to me to say cattle rearers are destroying farms in their states. I asked them what happened to the grassroots security structures from Traditional Rulers, to Local Governments who meet regularly to identify the root of their problems and identify crooks within their environment. Who destroyed this system? Go back and fix it, give your people a sense of belonging. I don’t like it when people campaign to become Governors and people trusted them with their votes and after winning, they can’t perform, they’re trying to push responsibilities to others. ……..we have three tiers of Government, Federal, State and Local. We have killed the Local Government totally. We will send N300m as allocation to a Local Government, one Governor will ask the LG Chairman to sign that he collected N300m but he will give him N100m and the Chairman will keep quiet…..is that how we will continue?”

Indeed, local governments across the country have remained comatose as state governments appeared to have cornered their allocations as the third tier of government from the Federation Accounts.

Indications àrea that workers of the Local Governments nationwide are being owed several months salaries, while other emoluments remained unpaid.

Many local governments with fully equipped Public Works Department across the country have been destroyed while health faculties remain comatose.

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