Book Review: The Diary of a Corporate Survivor

Book Review

Title: The Diary of a Corporate Survivor

Author: Seun Ajila

Reviewer: Yetunde Oladeinde

No of pages: 164

Publishers: ABIS Global Africa

Seun Ajila,  author and winner of the prestigious Bookpreneur award recently unveiled her book, ‘The Diary of a Corporate Survivor.

The book cover is bold and bright . The white, red and black combination and graphics draws  your ttention easily.

The layout is also attractive  and as you read through  you discover  that it  portrays many of the struggles faced by the working-class in navigating the complexities of career progressions, mental sanity, and self-actualization.

The style of writing  is also interesting and easy to follow the storyline and the message.

Using tried and tested storytelling principles, she immerses the reader and takes them on a compelling, easy-to-understand journey.

The author  revealed that the passion to write the book originally stemmed from her personal experience of a toxic job a while ago, which she underestimated in various capacities and did not realize the impact it had on her health and relationships. In her recovery journey, she came across diverse other survivors’ stories which she believes are too impactful and must constitute a compilation of ‘’lessons learned’ ’carefully put in a piece for humanity to leverage on in overcoming their career challenges.

The subject of the book was carefully crafted to reflect that the piece is about the necessary methodology that victims of toxic jobs need for their recovery journey and to discover hands-on tools to managing corporate challenges.

As you read through  you find  a collection of many stories of toxic job survivors, using the first-person pronoun to acquaint readers in a simplified manner and carefully integrated into a single piece by a main character as the narrator. The book endeavour to bring other people’s experiences closer to a wider spectrum of corporate executives for them to learn and use those experiences as a point of leverage.

The author is a corporate leader and she currently serves on the Executive Management of Linkage Assurance plc as the Chief Internal Auditor. A Governance, Risk, and information security expert with broad experience spanning across Financial Services, Real Estate, Professional Services & Management Consulting with twelve years in executive management and six years in the board room.

Ajila was named Managing Director/CEO of Primewaterview Limited in January 2015 and before which she held two other C-level roles; Chief Risk Officer and Chief Internal Auditor, culminating in a seven-year rise through the company. She previously served as the Deputy, CIA to CMB Building Investment Company succeeding her service to Amnetwork Nigeria Limited In the capacity of Chief Finance Officer.

Seun was appointed to the board of Project Far Heights Limited in August 2015 as a non-executive and Chairperson, Investment and Finance Committee; appointed as a non-executive director to the board of Cititrust Holding plc in July 2018; joined the Vestoway board as a non-executive Director in October 2019 and appointed to the board of Stoics Financials in April 2020 as a non-executive Director and the Chairperson, Audit and Compliance Committee.

Ajila  succinctly delivers this beautiful piece in 26,545 words long and a foreword by Dr. Rabiu Olowo, the honorable Commissioner for Finance, Lagos State.