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Reps query FAAN over porous security at airports

The House of Representatives, on Wednesday, indicated that the numerous air crashes in the country could be linked to terrorists’ attacks.

Consequently, the lawmakers asked questions on the security negligence at airports across the country by the Federal Airports Authourity of Nigeria, FAAN.

The House, presided over by Deputy Speaker, Sulaimon Lasun, therefore, directed its committees on Aviation, Internal Security and the Air Force, to liaise with FAAN and other regulatory authorities to organize a stakeholders meeting so as to come up with efficient and modern techniques of detecting criminally minded persons within the precincts of the nation’s airports.

The committee has six weeks within which it is to report back to the House for further legislative action.

This move followed a motion brought by Sergius Ose Ogun, on the urgent need for FAAN to strengthen security and checks at the nation’s airports:

The lawmaker had reminded the House that the world has witnessed occasional plane crashes, which claimed hundreds of lives.

He said though those crashes had been attributed to human and mechanical errors; there was generally a sinking feeling that they may not be unconnected with terrorist acts perpetrated at the airports.

He further said since the disappearance of a Malaysian plane, the crash of an Egypt Air plane and others, the various authorities charged with security at airports worldwide have strengthened their security apparatus and checks to avoid reccurrence of such acts.

The legislator also said he was aware that terrorist groups like ISIS, ISL, Al-Shaabab, Boko Haram and others, which usually operate through airports, are fast spreading their dragnets to various countries of the world.

He was concerned about a recent report that someone travelling through one of the nation’s  airports concealed three pistols strapped in a bandaged hand and was successfully wheeled to the point of boarding, before he was discovered.

Also, he expressed concern that the lives of travelers could be jeopardized if there are security lapses.

Ogun told the House that though the regulatory authorities responsible for the safety of the airports have been doing their best, there was a need for them to employ more modern techniques of detecting criminally minded intending travelers to avoid any untoward incident.

The motion which was thoroughly debated enjoyed overwhelming support by the House.