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IBB statement: Kassim Afegbua meets DSS Friday

The State Security Service could not meet with Prince Kassim Afegbua who its DG, Mr Lawal Daura had invited for a brief chat on Thursday 11am.

The DSS gave absence of its DG who went for other State functions as reason why the meeting couldn’t hold as planned. Afegbua has however been rescheduled for 11am on Friday at the Yellow House.

IBB’s spokesperson was invited by the secret police for questioning Wednesday night, hours after he was questioned by the police and released.

Both invitations were because of a statement he signed on behalf of ex-Nigerian leader, General Ibrahim Babangida.

Prince Afegbua in company of his lawyers including the lead counsel, Dr Kayode Ajulo, arrived the DDS headquarters around 12pm and subsequently left at 6:55pm. Whilst in the premises, the visitors were kept in DG’s waiting room but not without an extension of kind and hospitable gesture from their host. They were served with cold drinks and food of their choice under a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Afegbua, a devoted Muslim, missed his 2 o’ clock prayers though, but later spoke to his host that he needed to observe his prayers by 4pm and his quest was accordingly granted.

Dr Kayode Ajulo when contacted said ”there is no course for alarm, I had said my client will be here today and that promise had been kept. My client has records of showing respect for constituted authority. Having waited for so long, I demanded to leave, reminding them that we came on our volition and will return on a scheduled day and we were asked to come tomorrow (Feb. 9, 2018) around 11am, that’s all I can say for now. I dont want to preempt the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting”

The erudite lawyer further stated that his letter requesting verbal invitation from the DSS is still subsisting and that his client is yet to be formally informed about the motive of the invitation, adding that all these concerns need to be addressed.