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Avala, Isilomo, first to be evicted from BBNaija on Sunday

Avala and Isilomo were  the first two house mates to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality TV show.

The eviction on Sunday came courtesy of a game which included pushing little marbles into a bowl . The contest had Avala, Khafi, Isilomo and Gedoni contending to stay in the house.

However, Avala and Isilomo were the housemates with minimal quantities of marble in the bowl consequently they were evicted.

Avala, who was anxious as far back as she was set up for eviction, was in tears as she wasn’t hoping to leave the show so soon.

Talking on who she needs to win the cash, Isilomo said she needs either Omashola or Tacha to win.

She also accepts that both Jeff and Kim are phony guys.

She proceeded to uncover that her arrangements of going into media and taking a shot at a venture with mentally unbalanced youngsters.

Omashola, one of the housemates at BBNaija 2019 unscripted TV drama, disapproved after his coins were stolen at the house.

Omashola even undermined Biggie after 100 of his 120 coins were stolen on Sunday morning, July 7.

Biggy had said in an update that the housemate with the most reduced coins will be evicted on Sunday, June 7.

“The housemate with the lowest number of betnaija coins will be ousted during the live show on Sunday,” the reminder read.

Reasons for their eviction are:

Isilomo and Avala got the least amount of marbles during the last challenge to become the first set of evicted housemates.